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Wednesday, October 19th, 2011

Hi folks! What a month it has been! I am so sorry for the absence of posts. We have been very busy in these parts what with the launch of Olli Ella’s baby bedding collection, trade shows, pregnancy (mine), potty training (toddler) and then there was a fleeting week of sunshine which left us in a giddy stupor!

Okay – so here is a recap:

I am now 22 weeks pregnant with my little bean! It’s amazing how different this pregnancy is from my first, just in that with Tennyson I spent most of my time pouring over baby books and websites, learning every little thing (and worrying too) that was available to me. This time however, I have been so much more chilled out – and will probably leave my pre-baby study session to the week or so before DD, just to make sure I have the breast feeding and burping techniques up to scratch!

And then we had potty training – which I will spare you with the details – but let me just say that a month-in, I am now the very proud mama to a 2 yr old big-boy-toilet user! Tennyson underwent some big changes this month – not only did he graduate from nappies but he also moved into a big boy bed!!

And there have been trade shows to launch Olli Ella Baby Bedding – which I am so happy to say has been very well received! Here is a peek at one of our booths:

Oh and before I go – one last thing! We have some fun giveaways going on at the moment so please visit our Facebook page for your chance to win some fab swag!







The End is nigh!

Friday, November 19th, 2010

Hooray the weekend is nearly here! This weekend Charlie and I are going to put into action the act of ‘sleeping in’ (Phrasal Verb: 1. To Oversleep. 2. To sleep late on purpose).  I know that this sounds very ambitious for parents of a toddler, but we are going to take turns (I have dibs on Saturday and Charlie is taking Sunday). I’ll let you know how it goes!

Also on the agenda for this weekend:

A trip to Broadway Market for some cheese and holla, and then I think my boys and I are going to head over to St James Park for a nice romp with the squirrels (and to indulge in a hot chocolate from Inn at the Park).

And on Sunday there is the Vintage Furniture Flea in Bethnal Green that looks like a lot of fun (I can’t get enough of all these Mid Century Modern shows happening at the moment – Mid Mod last weekend left our boot full to the brim of vintage treasures!)

And of it goes without saying that we will be popping over to the Museum of Childhood (right next door to the Vintage Furniture Flea). Did you know they have a sandpit on the top floor?

What is everyone else up to? xx

Vespa by Blanca Gomez

I Love London: The Electric Scream

Wednesday, September 29th, 2010

There are so many adjustments new mums have to make, for me one of the biggest was not being able to pop to the cinema whenever I fancied (which, pre baby, was a LOT). Boldly, during my son’s early weeks, we snuck into matinee screenings at our local cinema, only to be met by disgruntled movie goers who quickly cleared the row when we took our seat. Oh the plight!

Well, you can imagine my delight was I discovered that one of my favourite cinemas, The Electric Cinema, in Notting Hill, plays host to a baby-friendly screening each week called ‘The Electric Scream’. At first I thought that it was a weekly screening of horror movies where mums + dads could bring their babies (which, thankfully, turned out to not be the case).

The Electric Scream is every Monday at 3PM where you can indulge in current box office releases, crossaints and hot chocolates from their wonderful cafe, and be surrounded by other new parents who will not give you stink eye if your baby makes strange noises when feeding, cries occasionally, or requires you to pace up and down the aisle in order to settle your child.

The seats are deep and spacious, there are footstalls, and even sofas (if you get lucky). Advance booking a must. Tickets cost £10 (footstools) and £7.50 all other seats.

I Love London: Basement at the Science Museum

Wednesday, September 8th, 2010

Since moving to London from Los Angeles three years ago, my hubby and I spend many-a-weekend exploring the innumerable galleries and museums that London has to offer. The Science Museum in South Kensington was quickly established as a firm favourite, but since discovering the museum’s Basement last month, our love of this place is bordering on obsessive.

The Basement is a teeny slice of toddler heaven. From its squelchy path and rubber tubes that separate the play areas, to the plethora of buttons daring little fingers to push them and the objects demanding to be climbed, the Basement is a tactile playground for energetic explorers. We love watching our frenzied toddler dash from room to room pushing one of the museum’s many wheelbarrows, stopping periodically to collect trinkets from the various play stations.

The hotspot of Basement is unquestionably the water play area; A series of tubes, tunnels, pumps, dams, taps, and fountains flanked by children, all vying for this valuable piece of real estate. We always have a good chuckle watching little ones fight hard to maintain their position along the water play area – lots of little eyes sizing up their neighbour’s portion of water highway.

After a long day of museum trekking (or even after a naughty shopping trip in Knightsbridge) the Basement is an absolute must visit.

I Love London: Coram’s Fields

Wednesday, September 1st, 2010

Nestled in the heart of beautiful Bloomsbury sits the most remarkable of private gardens; Coram’s Fields. I was first turned on to this spot by Maggie of Chic Little Baby and after visiting earlier last month, we cannot wait to go back.

Coram’s Fields offers children and parents 7 acres of beautiful parkland, outfitted with state-of-the-art play areas (there is a flying fox) for the bigger kids and for the little ones the park boasts the hugest sand pit I have ever seen (there is a moat running through it).

There are geese, chickens and goats dotted about the fields, although the animals that seem to capture most hearts are the steel sheep installed in the play area. And guess what else? Only adults accompanied by children are allowed in Coram’s Fields. This mama likey!

Whimsy and Delight with Ernesto Neto

Monday, August 30th, 2010

I am just kicking myself for waiting until this past weekend to finally visit the highly-lauded ‘The Edges of the World’ exhibit by Ernesto Neto at Southbank’s Hayward Gallery. Hubs, bubs and I spent all of Sunday exploring the dramatic and whimsical installations created by Neto. From the cushioned soft spaces to and artwork overhead to playing barefoot on an all-encompassing nylon vessel – this was a day of exploration and whimsy. And it goes without saying that The Goo was in his element. If you have time you must visit!

Open until September 5, 2010

I Love London: Hampstead Heath

Tuesday, August 24th, 2010

With winter just around the corner (although it seems quite present already) I have made a pact to each week call out the wonderful things that London has to offer; winters can be rough but with all of London’s gems there is no reason to grumble (too much). The most obvious first choice for me is Hampstead Heath.

My lot (toddler, hubby, and two dogs) head up here most weekends. We tend to start at Kenwood House with their famous scones and jam, followed by a romp in the woods. The Goo charges along rabbit paths while we keep watch for nettles. This past weekend we were thrilled to discover a veritable gold mine of unmolested blackberries hidden away ready for picking. We used an empty raisin box, a water bottle, and (reluctantly) an unused doggy poop bag to transport the precious booty home – three hours later we indulged in a homemade blackberry and apple crumble.

I genuinely cannot wait for winter when we can bundle up and head to the heath, cold noses and warm kisses. At the end of a brisk walk, we will reward ourselves with mugs of hot chocolate at dog and baby-friendly Kenwood House. Bring on winter!

Me so Horniman

Sunday, June 20th, 2010

The Horniman is a wonderfully obscure museum in Dulwich that we went to this past weekend. I don’t even know where to begin when praising this place – from the unbelievable permanent collection,  a hands-on section – where children and adults can interact with over 3,700 different objects (reproduction ancient Innuit dolls, puppets, instruments, you name it) gardens that could compete with Kew, and a stellar aquarium among many other things. The Myths and Monsters exhibition that they have on until September was so much fun – I know that this phrase is often used but this is a place that the entire family can enjoy. Truly. We can’t wait to go back.

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